CyberConnect 2 and BANDAI NAMCO just released “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” which will mark the end of the game series.

As reviewed by Attack of the Fan Boy, the latest game from the Ninja Storm series covers the final chapters depicted in the Naruto manga. The fourth installment is said to meet the fan expectations despite the fact that there have been modifications compared to the previous fan favourite releases of the series. Cyber Connect certainly has put in what they believe will please the gamers after what they have observed in the previous games.

Not only is Ninja Storm 4 to be praised for its vibrant eye candy but it also offers the best experience any Naruto fan should have. Additionally, it promises smooth ninja combat with the amazing special moves that the hundred different playable characters are able to perform. Also worthy of note are the monumental battles as the heroes fight against the colossal bosses from the Naruto storyline.

Since this is based on the conclusion of the manga, the story mode is definitely something the players should immerse themselves on. Despite it being a fighting game which limits its storytelling to some extent, the cutscenes and anime shots are still compelling and very much capable of telling a ninja tale. Once the main quest is done, players can still enjoy the game with its myriad of gameplay modes and attractive rewards.

As was written in Naruto Video Games, the fighting game is available for PC Digital, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. It will bring players to the final epic fight against Princess Kaguya otsutsuki, the real and hidden threat in the ninja world, where Naruto and Sasuke have no choice but to join forces. Epic battles that are expected in Ninja Storm 4 are the face off of Madara against Hashirama and, of course, Sasuke versus Naruto.