There’s good news for viewers as Narcos Season 3 returns to Netflix in 2017 and another season is on the way after it.

As it turns out, the death of its central character Pablo Escobar will not deter the chances of Narcos Season 3. Fans raised concerns prior to the premiere of its last 10 episodes. It brought up a mix of emotions. On one hand, many were eager to learn who killed Escobar. Then again, along with his death came the reality of the show’s conclusion. Or so we thought.

As it turns out, the Netflix original series does not hinge on Pablo Escobar’s character alone. Executive producer Eric Newman assured this much. Hence, the news is a wish come true for fans with the bonus of a fourth season. Along with Newman’s assurance came the teaser for Season 3 of the Netflix original series.

5 Big Things to Know about Narcos Season 3

1. Netflix gave the go signal for two more years of the addictive series.

2. According to EP Eric Newman, the show is about the drug trade in Colombia, thus the wealth of stories for them to choose from.

3. This is why the series is called Narcos, not Pablo Escobar or Medellin.

4. Newman also revealed the existence of research they put together for the series early on. Hence, they are ready and willing to work out another season if needed.

“If somebody wants another season of the show, we would sit down and draw from the pretty massive amount of real estate and research that we’ve done and do something kind of cool,” Newman revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

5. Indeed, Season 3 will shift its focus to yet another Columbian gang. No less than DEA agent Javier Pena played by Pedro Pascal revealed this at the end of the Season 3 finale.

Watch the teaser for Season 3.