After several Narcos season 2 release date updates, it has been finally confirmed that the highly anticipated second run will air in August. The well-received Netflix series has left a lasting mark on audiences, leaving them clamoring for another run.

“Filming for Narcos Season 2 officially wrapped up last week, according to series composer Pedro Bromfman, and post-production should be completed by June 20 or June 25,” iDigital Times reported. “Bromfman himself has only two more episodes of Narcos Season 2 left to score, with the entire production team working on a projected release date of August 2016.”

Several reports have already given their two cents on what could possibly happen in season 2.  Since the previous run  has covered a lot of years in Pablo Escobar’s life, the new season will reportedly be slower in pace. However, the inevitable will also happen next season as it has been confirmed that Escobar’s death will be the main turning point in the new episodes.

Meanwhile, talks about the show’s third season have already started to surface recently. While some are uncertain of what will happen after Escobar’s death, Bromfman shared that there are still a lot to cover.

“Season 2 is a lot about, of course, the fall of Escobar and the fall of the Medellín cartel, and the rise of the Cali cartel. We start meeting a lot of new characters in Season 2, and we start understanding how the situation expanded from Medellín to Cali and everything that took place,” Bromfman said.

“It just shifts places, but it keeps moving. As long as there’s people buying drugs, there’ll be bad guys trying to provide them and killing people and doing things. As long as they are illegal, and as long there are people interested in them, apparently there’s no stopping it. Now it’s in Mexico, but it did go around. It did go around for a long time.”

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