Narcos Season 2 returns to Netflix on September 2. The 10 episodes premiere at 12:01 AM PST.

Netflix Australia confirmed the release of Narcos Season 2 early on. Its premiere could be bittersweet for actor Wagner Moura, who plays the lead role of Pablo Escobar. Nevertheless, fans are certain to watch since many are eager to learn his character’s fate. Thus far, it remains unknown who his killer was.

Anticipation is high for the next part of his story. Apparently, Pablo’s brother Roberto Escobar is also interested to watch to check its accuracy. The trailer recently released for the Netflix original series showed three possible groups that likely did it. Among the suspects are the US DEA, the Los Pepes and the Columbian police Search Bloc.

Viewers can expect Season 2 to run at a faster pace. In contrast to the first season, the story would cover the last year of Pablo Escobar’s life in 10 episodes. Thus, the personal struggles of the lawmen after him are set aside this time around. Moreover, it cut out DEA agent Steve Murphy’s (Boyd Holbrook) narration to offer viewers the chance to form their own opinion of Pablo Escobar regardless of the mayhem he caused, according to A.V. Club.

Nevertheless, the show still managed to introduce several new characters who are integral to the story. Among them are Hugo Martinez (Juan Pablo Shuk) and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela (Damián Alcázar). Martinez was the basis for the Season 1 character of Maurice Compte, Horatio Carrillo. The entry of Martinez will clash with Murphy and his Colombian partner Javier Peña. While both groups have the same goal, their methods in carrying it out vary. Orejuela led a ruthless drug cartel based in Cali, Colombia.

To date, it is unknown if fans can expect a follow-up to Narcos Season 2. However, with the ultimate fate of Pablo Escobar, would it even be possible?

Narcos Season 2 premieres September 2 at 12:01 AM PST on Netflix.