While Narcos Season 2 is dominating live streaming, the son of the show’s lead character slammed the Netflix series for alleged inaccuracies in its storytelling.

The son of the notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Sebastián Marroquín, slammed the streaming service for what he called an insult to the history of his country. Marroquín cited on his Facebook post at least 28 points he claimed to be all lies about his father.

Among the mistakes of the Narcos story he pointed out was Escobar’s great escape from the La Catedral. Escobar’s son also mentioned that his father did not have any help from law enforcement personnel when he fled.

Here is Marroquín’s list of mistakes in Narcos Season 2

  1. Escobar’s brother-in-law, Carlos, was not a drug-dealer.
  2. The Colombian drug lord was not a fan of Atletico Nacional.
  3. La Quica was already in jail in New York at the time of Escobar’s escape from La Catedral in July 1992.
  4. There was no big confrontation during Escobar’s escape from La Catedral.
  5. Limon worked as a driver for Escobar’s older brother Roberto for 20 years.
  6. No truth that the Medellin and Cali Cartels negotiated to stay in Miami and New York respectively.
  7. The CIA did not propose the creation of Los Pepes to the Castano brothers. Fidel Castano decided to create the group.
  8. Marroquín said his mother never used or bought a weapon.
  9. Escobar did not personally kill Colonel Carrillo.
  10. Marroquín claimed Escobar stalled in ordering the death of Moncada and Galeano.
  11. His father was on his own in his final days.
  12. After his escape from prison, Escobar did not live in mansions.
  13. Leon he did not live in Miami and was loyal to Escobar.
  14. Escobar did not threaten the people of Cali.
  15. Ricardo Prisco was already dead at the timeline he was showed on Narcos Season 2.
  16. Escobar never attacked the wedding of Gilberto Rodriguez’s daughter.
  17. The Medellín drug cartel leader never force his children to get involve in his illegal activities.
  18. He was in only one fight with his father.
  19. Escobar’s bomb attacks on Gilberto Rodriguez’s Discount Drugs pharmaceutical chain happened in 1988 and 1989, and not in 1993.
  20. His paternal grandmother betrayed his father and allied herself with Pablo’s brother Roberto.
  21. His grandmother did not travel with them to Germany.
  22. The district attorney of Colombia did not help the Escobar’s family.
  23. Marroquín said his mother never spoke with Virginia Vallejo. His father was not in contact with the journalist for ten years either.
  24. Escobar did not send a phone to his family in the Tequendama hotel.
  25. There were no journalists murdered infront of the hotel.
  26. Escobar never treated his parents rudely.
  27. After Escobar’s death, Marroquin said it was Miguel Rodriquez, not Gilberto, who saved his mother.
  28. Marroquin claimed it was his grandmother and her children who were in secret contact with the Cali cartel.

Marroquín once again claimed that his father took his own life. He denied Escobar was killed by the police as depicted in Narcos Season 2. He also admitted that he is not proud of his father’s violence. Escobar’s son also recognized that his father did a lot of harm to the Colombian police during his reign as head of the Medellín drug cartel.

Narcos creators have said they never depicted the entire truth in Narcos series, amidst the claims of inaccuracies. The showrunners added that several aspects of Narcos was exaggerated for dramatic purposes.

Escobar’s brother, Roberto, earlier wrote a request to Netflix to watch the show before the release.  The streaming service, however did not get back to him, Independent reported.

Netflix renewed Narcos for two more seasons.

Narcos Season 2 aired exclusively on Netflix.