The coverage of a nude restaurant with a naked waitress shown serving tables has brought a New Zealand TV network under controversy, forcing them to apologise for airing that.

The NZ TV channel audiences were stressed when they watched TV3’s current affairs program “Story” on Wednesday where it provided a glance of a nudist restaurant with waitresses serving customers without clothes. According to 9News, the coverage elicited a wave of anger from the public. In the telecast, radio presenter Dom Harvey and other patrons from The Edge radio station were shown dining at the restaurant.

TV3 host Duncan Garner apologised for the coverage where a naked waitress, Tyler Diamond, was moving towards the camera and was fully exposed. “It shouldn’t have happened and we know this, which is why we apologised,” Garner said as quoted by Stuff New Zealand. The co-host said that the crew involved in the coverage had to sign forms that read “stick to the rules.” He also claimed that they rehearsed for the show twice and they were able to avoid any form of nudity.

“There was a genuine mistake made on air, it was only a fleeting moment, and we are sorry that it happened,” he added. “There have been complaints and we have genuinely put our best foot forward and said it wasn’t meant to happen and genuinely apologised and we stand by that.”

He explained that everything that had happened was unintentional. He said that if the parents were accompanied by their kids during the coverage, they were really sorry for that. “Once again, we are sorry and hope we didn’t offend too many people,” Garner concluded his apology.

The waitress who was exposed in the nude on the show said that she was not affected by the issue as it was not done intentionally. “I think they were more shocked than I was,” she said, taking the whole matter very casually.