A ‘cursed’ mummy of a Siberian princess will finally go on display at a museum close to her original burial site after more than two and a half millennia after her death. The princess is thought to be one of the earliest known victims of acute breast cancer and who smoked cannabis just before her death.

An MRI scan of the victim suggests that the ancient woman was 25 years old when she was afflicted by breast cancer. Having stylish tattoos all over her body, the princess possibly took resort to marijuana to ease the terrible effects of the deadly disease.

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However, centuries ago, there were no treatments. The Siberian woman possibly became a drug addict to cope with pains caused by the deadly disease. The Siberian Times reported that the drugs may have ‘altered her state of mind’, making her believe that she was a part of the Pazyryk culture and that she could communicate with the spirits.

After she was dug from her tomb in the Republic of Altai, Russia, almost 20 years ago, her mummy was preserved in ice in an elaborate grave at the Altai Mountains. It is believed that the woman’s mummy bears some kind of curse as there were reports of floods, earthquakes and hail after she was excavated from her burial site.

Following the series of damage after the mummy was dug out, native ethnic groups in the Russian region believe that showing the mummy will unleash evil spirits. They demanded that her remains be laid to rest and should not be disturbed.

It now turns out that the display will be opened to the public only at the next full moon, keeping with local superstitions. Experts from a Moscow institute have developed a wooden and glass sarcophagus, in which the Altai princess will be wrapped by a ‘fur coat-style blanket’.

The naked and tattooed princess’ mummy was discovered atop the 8,200-feet high Ukok Plateau along with six horses and lots of treasures. Her intricately designed body art on her shoulders and fingers is expected to draw a huge crowd, reported Mirror.

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