A British doctor is in the dock for a naked selfie he sent to a patient by email, which subsequently landed him in an investigation. The probe has spared him from losing the medical job but he has been slapped with a temporary suspension.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, which held the hearing in Manchester on Dr. Simon Sheild’s overtures to one of his woman patients, would have struck him off the medical register on the ground of breaking ethics.

The probe team grilled him hard and he barely escaped being sacked after admitting to the medical body that he had improper relations with a woman patient. The 47-year old doctor  has a three-month suspension to endure. The penalty was minimised after the tribunal received positive testimonials that hailed him as an ‘excellent’ doctor.’

The hospital uncovered the doctor’s odd relationship after Shields was investigated for the use of his hospital email account for unrelated matters, reports Daily Mail.

Sheilds had been treating ‘Patient A’ since 2005 and his decision to send her an e-mail in February 2013 became a turning point in the relations. The doctor’s email triggered the impulses of the lady patient, who was in her 30s. She suggested a meetup. After the initial email, their messages tuned frequent and they became flirtatious ‘within days’.

The doctor said: “I don’t have justification, it was wrong and I recognise that. But I think I allowed myself to see this patient differently because she was different in the nature of our interaction.”

The doctor is famous for his multiple sclerosis treatments and met the woman for consultations at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

The doctor said the boundaries between the two blurred as he started viewing Patient A’s illness as not something neurological. The doctor took extreme liberty and added more warmth to the ties by sending a naked selfie.

Shields emailed his naked clip after lying ‘unclothed’ in bed and tagged a message: ‘Will you be having an early night? I took a vid to help you..x.’

Meanwhile, an urgent investigation has been called into the acts of another UK doctor who has been mentioned in a complaint to the British anti-doping watchdog. The complaint alleged that the said doctor prescribed banned performance-enhancing drugs to many sportsmen.

Reports said doctor Mark Bonar was secretly filmed while discussing professional athletes taking banned treatments.

However, the London-based doctor denied the allegations and said he never breached the rules set by the General Medical Council, reports The Standard.