The North Melbourne midfielder star Daniel Wells is set to join Collingwood after leaving his team for 14 years, North Melbourne. The free agent player told the Kangaroos that he wants to play with another team next season.

In a report by the AFL, Collingwood offered Wells a three-year contract worth up to $1.8 million. Being an unrestricted free agent, he can go to the club of his choice.

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 According to Roos football manager Cameron Joyce, Wells has been an outstanding player, and Wells being a free agent, they have benefited over the past few seasons and they respect the rules under the system.

“We’re obviously disappointed to be losing someone of Daniel’s calibre but we respect his decision,” Roos football manager Cameron Joyce said in the interview.

Before Wells’ farewell to North Melbourne, they offered him a two-year deal worth up to $ 1.1 million. This may be one of the reasons Wells considered another team’s offer.

In an interview shared by the Herald Sun, Collingwood offered a more lucrative contract to Wells. Collingwood is also known to be among the several clubs to have met with versatile Fremantle free agent Chris Mayne.

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The Kangaroos premiership player David King shared that the forced retirements of veterans Brent Harvey, Michael Firrito, Nick Dal Santo and Drew Petrie could have urged Wells to consider his career and future at the Kangaroos following his departure.

“I have no doubt that there would be a percentage of being spooked in Wells’ decision making process,” according to King on his take on Wells leaving the team.

Apparently, Wells also endured a series of injuries in his last three years at North Melbourne including foot, Achilles and calf problems. However, despite the injuries, he played 19 games in the previous season to finish fourth in the best-and-fairest.

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