A van was found submerged in the Sydney river in Georges, Sydney’s south-west. The authorities still can’t figure out how the van, which was mysteriously drifting in the water, landed and got into the water.

A passerby noticed the Ford transit van in the north of M5 motorway overpass at around 6:30 am today floating on the Sydney river, reported Mail Online. The back windows of the van were broken and the water police tried to retrieve it from the Goerges River at Milperra.

According to Politics News, Australian authorities had trouble reaching the van and so they used the golf course  at New Brighton to reach the scene on the Sydney river. The authorities called it a “delicate rescue operation”.

The Australian emergency services tried to get the van out of the Sydney river but failed to do so as it was low tide. They plan to return and continue the rescue operation on Thursday. Police divers also confirmed that there was no body found inside the van. However, for further inspection, they have to retrieve the van first.

News teams had earlier captured an aerial view of the van and most of the photos show that the van was not completely submerged in the water at that time. The pilot, Andrew Millett, who had an aerial view of the van stated that the van’s position was unusual and he could not find any indicating factor as to how the vehicle landed into the water. He expressed his surprise at the fact that the van was still floating.

A police spokesperson said that most of the time stolen vehicles are dumped into the water. Last year in September a car was found in  Port River at Osborne in South Australia, according to MSN.

In yet another incident in July last year, a car was seen submerged in the water near War Memorial  Drive and Hackney Road. The Royal district Nursing Service claimed that the car belonged to it and was stolen. The same report by ABC confirmed that another car was set alight at Beachport in Adelaide, it was also stolen.