Mylene Klass recently visited the house of Marie Buchan, a single mother of eight children, for her documentary “Single Mums on Benefits”. In her candid conversation with Marie, the presenter and former pop singer was highly sympathetic to the single mom who doesn’t find it easy to claim benefits for her eight children from the government.

The documentary revolves around single parents and how seeking benefits from the government for their children serves as the most vital lifeline for survival. While the short film on single moms exposes the lives of teenage mothers and how they are often criticized for taking benefits to make ends meet, Klass was also slammed by viewers for patronizing single mums.

“Teenagers can’t even claim these benefits as they’re viewed as children in the eyes of the law,” Myleene was quoted saying to the Standard. Although the show’s title, including “on benefits”, raises concerns about the show’s impact on people, it does not confirm what Klass is going for here until the show starts to air on ITV.

Mirror, however, throws light on another aspect of the documentary that puts Myleene in bad light. Alhough she is seen sympathizing with single mums finding it difficult to raise their children single-handedly, viewers on the show condemned the mother of two who has immense wealth to raise her children. She “has a completely different life” and doesn’t “know the struggle,” according to viewers.

Despite the criticisms, Klass focuses on the other side of the population of single parents—the fathers. Just like their female counterparts, single dads have to depend on state benefits. They also go through all kinds of hardships.

The show apparently unveils the reality of several mums and dads who take up their responsibilities as single parents for the sake of seeking benefits from the government. Overall, the documentary gives insights into what being a single mum really is from the perspective of Klass’s storytelling.