Myer and eBay entered into a partnership to give Australia the world’s first virtual reality store in a move that will revolutionise the online shopping experience.

It took a year of work for eBay to design the app according to Steve Brennen, eBay Australia and New Zealand senior director of marketing and retail innovation. To get access to a virtual reality store, the customer will need a VR headset, an iOS or an Android device and an “eBay Virtual Reality Department Store” app.

After launching the application, the customer gets to choose the departments they would like to browse and depending on the choices, a custom virtual store is built, the reported. The customers can sift through the products with their gaze. This mode of shopping will allow eBay to observe how Australian customers behave in a virtual reality store set up and will base plans on further developing the new retail channel on that.

“This exciting collaboration with eBay reaffirms our commitment to omni-channel and building a truly contemporary and innovative retail offer,” the Financial Review quoted Myer Chief Executive Richard Umbers as saying. “Our customers can now immerse themselves in the experience of shopping inside a Myer store from wherever they may be, with product information updated in real time to ensure everyone can keep up with the latest offers from Myer.”

The customer will find themselves surrounded by different products once they launched the app, rather than having to walk through a virtual recreation of the Myer store. The products can be selected by staring at them and then adding it to a shopping cart which is similar to the ones in regular online shopping.

“In a sense, this is stage one with the market testing it, so we can learn something. We see technology leaps and platform changes coming in the future,” Brennen said. “We knew Australia was ready to go first with this because we see how much VR equipment is being bought here on eBay … from January through to April we’ve already sold tens of thousands of headsets.”

According to Brennen, there are over 12,000 products available on its list of inventory. Starting Thursday, eBay and Myers are offering an opportunity to the customers to have their own “shopticals.” There are 15,000 shopticals available free of charge.