Myanmar experienced a strong tremor with a 6.9 magnitude that hit the nation on Wednesday at a depth of almost 140 kilometres towards the north-west of Mandalay.

The US Geological Survey reported the incident but there was no mention of any fatalities at the initial stage. It said that the quake struck the area 396 kilometres towards the north-west of the nation’s capital, Naypyidaw. Though the quake hit Myanmar, the tremors were felt in neighbouring countries as well, including China and India. The shake was also felt in the north-east state of Assam, India, where Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge have been staying. The Duke and Duchess felt the quake but they are safe and unharmed, according to 9News.

It is not the first time that Myanmar experienced an earthquake because tremors are quite usual for the nation. The USGS reported the quake to be of a significant depth, an implication that the tremor is caused by movement within the India-Eurasia tectonic plate.

“Massive earthquake. Felt tremor at Avani Mall, Howrah, in the middle of Jungle Book. Panic everywhere,” Sounak from India tweeted Australia Network News. Another person from India, Nidhi Tewari, shared her experience and told Australia Network News that Delhi NCR India, too, felt mild tremors. “Earthquakes have become so frequent in Gurgaon in the past year,” she said.

According to BBC, the earthquakes that are felt at the earth’s surface in this region are not likely to cause severe damage to lives and property. An AP reporter in Yangon claimed that a seven-story hospital building shook during the quake and the movement lasted for about two minutes. The doctors, patients and staff members had to evacuate the premises following the event.

Other royal British guests aside from the Duke and Duchess also experienced the tremor. “We felt the tremor very strongly, but all is fine,” British Deputy High Commissioner Scott Furssedonn-Wood said.

In January 2016, an earthquake hit north-east India with a 6.7 magnitude. It affected Myanmar and Bangladesh as well. The disaster claimed the lives of nine people that time. A similar earthquake shook Myanmar in March 2011 in which around 75 people were killed. The nation’s borders with Laos and Thailand were also affected, sustaining some damage to those nations as well.