“My Kitchen Rules'” Zana Pali may have landed herself another television appearance after the team was eliminated in semi-finals yesterday. Despite being dubbed as a villain, the Melbourne-based lawyer loved every moment of the show.

Zana and Gianni were sent packing by Tasia and Gracia in yesterday’s semis. Their food failed to impress the judges, reveals Daily Mail. Despite starting strong with a sensational beetroot and goats cheese ravioli with sage butter, the team could not keep up with the judges’ expectations. Nor could they battle their competitors.

According to News.com.au, the duo’s beef goulash with heirloom carrots and pickles main was a letdown. So was their dessert, which guest judge Liz Egan felt was “almost something you’d buy from a cake shop.” As against this, the sister-duo maintained a consistently high performance, garnering top scores and high praises from the judges.

Despite being booted from the “My Kitchen Rules” semis, Pali said that she loved being on the show. “It was such a fun experience,” she said. She has been dubbed the villain of the famous cooking competition all along but the lady attributes all of it to smart editing. “It’s not hard watching it — I just laugh, I actually find it hilarious,” she said. “It’s pretty entertaining and it’s very clever the way they’ve edited it. I think it makes great TV to be honest,” she added.

While husband Gianni is happy to get back to his day job, wife Zana, who idolises Judge Judy, might be open to a new TV gig. She might even take up an opportunity to return to TV, reveals News.com.au.

“But I think my wife has a face for TV. She wasn’t expecting anything to come of it but she thoroughly enjoyed it and being in the limelight,” revealed husband Gianni. “I’ll keep supporting her no matter what she does,” he added. A Channel Seven spokesperson agrees.

“Zana has been a popular addition to MKR this year. If the right opportunity presented itself, we’d love to explore ways in which to continue that relationship.”