“My Kitchen Rules” Tasia and Gracia Segar are currently the biggest threats to the other contestants. As the final four teams get ready for the cook-offs, Gianni and Zana can’t get over their jitters of facing off with the siblings tonight.

Zana felt her confidence slip away upon learning about their cook-off competitors, states News.com.au. “Gianni and I knew they were the strongest team in the competition and that we’d have to step it up,” revealed Zana. “The fact they converted me into loving Asian food says a lot. It’s a very big deal. I said to them, ‘Your food so far is the best I’ve tasted in the competition,’” she added.

The sisters have consistently proved their mettle through “My Kitchen Rules” ever since they made it to the top teams at the start of the season. In their last ‘Ultimate Instant Restaurant’ challenge, the sisters secured three perfect 10s and a score of 85, informs The Queensland Times.

Jordan revealed too that he was relieved that he did not have to face the sisters in the final cook-off. “I didn’t think anybody would be capable of beating them because they’re just unstoppable,” he said.

Gianni and Zana just about made it to the final four in “My Kitchen Rules.” The team, who impressed the judges with their culinary skills, faltered yesterday. Their starter of Adriatic seafood stew received flak from judge Pete Evans because the prawns were not cleaned properly. Their other entrée sardines with capers, olives and bread received criticism too. Manu Feildel opined that the sardines lacked seasoning, informs The West Australian.

One of their mains, burek cigars with figs and goats’ cheese, were considered dry and average while one of the desserts just got a three on a 10-point scale. Gianni and Zana secured a total of 71 points; just enough to push Mitch and Laura out of the competition.