A number of popular media outlets like Yahoo AU, Daily Mail Australia, news.com.au and the Sydney Morning Herald have labelled certain contestants on “My Kitchen Rules” (MKR) 2016 as the show’s “villains”. But Colin Fassnidge, who is without a doubt MKR’s toughest judge, has one message for these publications: STOP.

According to an article by Mamamia, Fassnidge objects to the use of the word “villain” to describe the competitors on the show. The author of the article, Alex Greig, agrees. “It does seem rather absurd to label a couple of suburban mums or a married couple who cook spaghetti in a bag ‘villains’. Villain is the kind of word applied to dastardly, frequently foiled cartoon characters.”

Several upfront and critical female competitors this year have been described as MKR’s villains, like Zana, Lauren, and Jessica – and at times even Lisa, Dee, and Monique. But Fassnidge, who himself has also been the target of haters before, told the Herald Sun, “These are people with families, and we’re all human … It’s hard when you’re on the street and people say whatever they want to you.”

This is not the first time that outspoken female MKR teams have been called villains. In 2013, it was Sophia and Ashlee. In 2014, it was Chloe and Kelly. Last year, it was Katie and Nikki. According to Mamamia, this year’s “villain,” Lauren, copped a lot on social media and has sadly concluded that she is now “the most hated person in Australia.”

After the Herald Sun publicised Fassnidge’s statements on their Facebook page, many Facebook users have expressed their thoughts. One user wrote, “Perhaps we’ve crossed that line where we think reality TV is like a normal drama where you do have villains and heroes.” Another user wrote, “Every MKR episode has a villain. It’d be a bit boring if you didn’t get to hate someone on the show.”