As Tasia and Gracia Seger won on “My Kitchen Rules” 2016, runners-up Carmine and Lauren Finelli are not defeated in the slightest. The pair talks big plans for their future and encourages all fans to watch this space, as the cooking duo will be back for bigger and better things.

According to, Carmine and Lauren cooked superbly in the Tuesday night “My Kitchen Rules” grand finale. The panel of judges declared it a close deciding call between the contestants. They even praised Carmine and Lauren on “very clever cooking” and said the couple had redeemed themselves with a beautifully concocted seafood pasta. Carmine and Lauren scored an impressive 51 out of 70. But Tasia and Gracia stole the win with an exceptional 57 out of 60.

Judge Colin Fassnidge applauded the sisters, beckoning them to an exciting career prospect after the show. “Guys you don’t need $250,000, you open a sauce factory and you’ll be loaded because I tell you, I’d buy it.”

According to The Daily Telegraph, Tasia and Gracia are not the only ones with plans for the future. Carmine and Lauren have it all set out. Lauren brought her A game throughout the show. Lauren has previously admitted she had “played it smart” by creating a prominent presence and image while on the show.

“You can’t just fade into the background and you’ve got to make yourself a character, a main character… We thought of it as a job. Carmine and I are very hardworking and that’s what we did-we gave it everything we had,” she said.

The couple has big plans to kick start their career outside the show. “Initially, we want to travel around and do some cooking demos,” Carmine said. “And also more importantly we want to get out product out on the market,” added Lauren. “We’re thinking about doing a line of pasta. Plus we really want to do something with promoting healthy eating for children. We don’t want to say too much now, but yeah, watch this space.”