Just like every other female celebrity, award-winning actress Nia Vardalos is usually photographed glammed up with a full face of makeup. The star, however, wanted to realistically portray life as a mother for her role in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” She revealed that she had to convince her hesitant director and producers to let her go makeup-free in certain scenes for the upcoming movie.

At the film’s Sydney premiere on Sunday, Vardalos told Daily Mail Australia, “I was trying really hard to depict what I am like when I drive my daughter to school, so I thought very hard about not wearing makeup.” But her suggestion was not taken warmly. “The director and the producers came to me and were like, ‘You don’t want to look this bad,’ and I was like, ‘Yes I do because that is what I look like during the day,’” Vardalos said.

According to the Daily Mail, the 53-year-old added that she felt that it was important for women to appreciate their natural beauty and be aware that it takes hours to become red carpet ready. According to this Women’s Weekly article, celebs spend tons of time and money planning the best outfit, hairstyle, skin routine, gym workout, makeup, manicure and jewellery before finally hitting the red carpet – looking very different from their everyday selves.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was released 14 years ago and became an extremely successful romantic comedy. In the sequel, Toula Miller (Nia Vardalos) and husband Ian Miller (John Corbett) share a daughter, Paris Miller (played by Elena Kampouris), and the plot focuses on another family wedding. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” will hit Australian cinemas on Thursday, March 24, and we can’t wait to see if Vardalos got away with rocking her natural beauty on screen!

You can watch the trailer here: