Police have charged a woman for mistreating and abusing a Muslim university student and her husband. The 90-second clip of the incident was posted on Facebook. The post went viral as it grabbed more than one million views.

The woman has been charged with damaging property and common assault. The Muslim university student has requested that her identity should be kept secret. The victim said that she had completed her final exam of medical science degree at Sydney’s Macquarie University. She was planning to celebrate the occasion. It was then when another student ran towards her and her husband.

“The lady flips it and sticks her middle finger right at us,” the Muslim university student’s husband Ramzy wrote on Facebook. “Me, being completely dumbfounded [asked]: ‘Ah, is everything OK?’ At this point, she blows up in a rage… starts pointing at my wife and screaming, ‘F— you! Take it off!! [referring to my wife’s veil]’. She then runs towards our car and I urge my wife to lock her door and start recording if anything happens.”

The victim’s husband posted the footage on Facebook. In the clip, the woman is seen extending the windscreen wipers of the car while Ramzy gets out of the car to stop her attacking the car. The woman then screams and slams the Muslim university student for having a mask on the face. She calls her “Terrorist!”

Reactions on the Facebook post

Several comments came from users on the footage. The post has been shared over 10,000 times. Meanwhile, another student Emily Guff also gave her views on the incident. In her comment, she said that the woman who abused the Muslim university student was with her baby. She left her infant in the unlocked car to abuse the couple.

On the other hand, the Muslim university student had a conversation with Macquarie University newspaper Grapeshot in which she said that she always tries to avoid discouragement.  “I was scared of the thought of ever going back on campus,” she said. “This woman did make me feel anxious. But after coming to terms with it, I realised that I should not let it be something that discourages me. There are many deranged and paranoid individuals out there. We need to take everything day by day with wisdom, calmness and patience.”

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