Bernie Sanders wants Muslim troops to fight against the Islamic State militants. He does not want American soldiers to be involved in the “perpetual warfare” in the Middle East. If elected president, he said he would make sure such things did not happen.

The Democratic presidential candidate referred to a comment by the King of Jordan. He said the fight against ISIS was a fight for the soul of Islam. There should be Muslim troops on the ground against the terrorist group, Sanders said during the MSNBC Democratic debate with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

The Vermont senator went a step ahead and said Russia should help those troops. He said the Muslim troops should fight against ISIS with the help of the coalition of major powers around the world. He mentioned countries like the US, the UK, Germany and Russia that should back such troops.

According to Sanders, ISIS wants US troops in the Middle East so that it may tell the Muslim world it is fighting against the American power. He, however, added it would not be possible to withdraw troops right away. Otherwise, terrorist groups like the Taliban would take control of countries like Afghanistan.

Sanders was asked why he had not clearly stated what his foreign policy would be. He said he did talk about it on previous occasions. He said American should learn a lesson from the war in Iraq. “And that lesson is…the United States cannot do it along,” he said.

While talking about economy, he reemphasised his concerns about it.

“Millions of Americans are giving up on the political process…because they understand the economy is rigged,” he said. “They are worried about the future of their kids.”

According to the 74-year-old Democrat, all the wealth is going to the top one percent of the population. “Not what America is supposed to be about, not the fairness that we grew up believing that America was about,” he said.

The debate is live on MSNBC from 9 p.m. ET on Thursday (1 pm on Friday in Sydney).