James Patterson fans looking forward to one of his planned works recently learned that The Murder of Stephen King won’t be hitting the shelves anymore.

Inspired by real-life author Stephen King, Independent details that the book is about a psychotic fan taking murder inspiration from the novelist’s works. However, the source relays that Patterson realized it won’t be in good taste to publish the book after all.

Independent quotes Patterson as saying:

“My book is a positive portrayal of a fictional character, and, spoiler alert, the main character is not actually murdered. Nevertheless, I do not want to cause Stephen King or his family any discomfort. Out of respect for them, I have decided not to publish The Murder of Stephen King.”

The premise of the now-cancelled book could have been a delight to thriller fans. However, a real-life incident that happened to King is one of the reasons for its cancellation.

Back in 2013, a man was arrested for trespassing in the author’s Bangor home. The reports back then, including this one from WMTW, didn’t say whether the man is a fan or simply happened to choose King’s home out of all the houses in the area.

Nevertheless, Patterson’s call wanted to avoid causing a similar incident.

Things to look forward to in the absence of Murder of Stephen King

Though The Murder of Stephen King won’t be seeing the light of day, Patterson fans can get their hands on another title. According to Independent, Taking the Titanic replaces the cancelled book’s release date on November 1.

Meanwhile, King himself has a lot going on at the moment.

The adaptation of King’s Dark Tower series is currently in development with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey carrying the books’ main roles. In addition, the author’s 1986 novel, It, is on its production stages of a remake.

Other works of King considered for adaptation include the short story, The Mist, and Hearts in Atlantis.

Check back for more updates on The Murder of Stephen King and other news on books and authors.