Germany is under attack again. A lone-wolf rampage took the life of a number of people, including his own. Here is what we know so far about the Munich attack.

The Gunman

The 18-year-old gunman was a German-Iranian. He was identified by Munich Police Chief Hubertus Andrae. According to police, the motive behind the attack is still unclear. The dual citizen went in to a shopping mall with a pistol. He went to a McDonald’s restaurant and opened random fire.

The Number of Attacker

There was confusion regarding the number of attacker in the mall. According to eyewitnesses, there were three attackers at the Munich Olympia Shopping Centre. While it was mayhem at the mall, police primarily took the eyewitness’ accounts into consideration and started looking for three attackers.

Early Saturday, a Munich police spokesman confirmed that there was only one attacker at the mall.


It was reported that ten people were killed in the attack. The number includes the teenage gunman who killed himself after killing nine others. Police also said that at least 10 more had been wounded in the Munich attack, which was witnessed by around 100 people at the mall.

Munich happens to be Germany’s third largest city. While people were killed at the mall, the gunman’s body was found around 1 km from the crime scene. It was later determined that it was likely to be the young gunman.


According to German radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk, a Robocop was sent to investigate the scene. The robot was specifically sent to investigate a red backpack found with the gunman’s body. The red backpack was similar to what the gunman at the McDonald’s had.

Terrorist Attack

The ABC reported that the German police termed the incident as a terrorist attack. However, there was no indication to suggest that it was carried out by someone from ISIS or similar extremist groups. ISIS typically claims the responsibility of such attacks on social media. However, the Munich attack is still unclaimed by any terrorist group.