Universal Studios is thinking big when it comes to producing their future films.

In a recent report by Variety, actor Tom Cruise is said to be in talks with the studio for their planned reboot of “The Mummy”.

It can be recalled that Variety earlier reported that Universal Studios is planning to mimic the format of Marvel Studios in terms of a shared universe.

The difference between the two is that Marvel features superheroes while Universal will focus their attention to creatures/monsters like “Frankenstein” and “The Wolf Man”.

Variety reports that Universal is planning to produce a monster movie every year and for characters to appear across the different films–much like what Marvel did before Iron Man, Captain America and the rest of the gang met in “The Avengers”.

However, with regards to Cruise’s involvement with “The Mummy” project, Deadline reports that both Universal Studios and Cruise’s people have insisted that no deal between the two is in the works.

Deadline also relays that Cruise is currently filming “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” and the sixth “Mission Impossible” film will begin production in August 2016.

Although there is no official word yet on whether Cruise will or will not be involved in the film, The Hollywood Reporter says that Universal has major plans for “The Mummy”.

According to THR, “The Mummy” is set to begin a series of interconnected films from Universal involving their monster characters/creatures.

Meanwhile, other films that are set to follow include “Frankenstein”, “Van Helsing”, and the “Invisible Man”.

The website adds that Alex Kurtzman will be leading the film while Jon Spaihts is responsible for the film’s script.

The Hollywood Reporter also relays that although much of the film’s plot is under wraps, it has been known that “The Mummy” will be set on the present day unlike the previous films.

“The Mummy” is scheduled for release on March 24, 2017.