Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner, suspected of kidnapping her own kids from their father and her ex-husband Ali el-Amien, has requested the latter to withdraw charges and keep their children forever.

At the court hearing on Wednesday, a Lebanese judge asked the parents of Noah, four, and Lahela, six, to reach an agreement relating to a custody settlement. The Lebanese court did not see the issue as a crime but as an effort by a mother to get back her children at any cost. Hence, judge Rami Abdullah urged the father of the kids to withdraw charges and put an end to the whole legal battle.

Following the judicial verdict, however, Faulkner has offered a deal to her former husband. According to the ABC, she has requested to withdraw the “kidnapping” charges against her and, in return, she would help him reclaim the kids’ custody and get an amicable divorce.

Faulkner was alleged of snatching the kids from her former mother-in-law while the children were waiting for the school bus at a Beirut street. CCTV footage provided the complete coverage where the woman undertakes the operation with the help of two Britons as well as Nine Network’s 60 Minutes crew members, including star reporter Tara Brown.

The Family Court in Australia allowed Faulkner sole custody for kids in December. The court also ruled that if Faulkner found it necessary to take help from Australian police or agents to get her kids back, she was allowed to do so. However, the mother did not register the ruling in Lebanon. “It’s a very strong judgment and we are sorry that it’s not being used,” Faulkner’s Lebanese lawyer Ghassan Moghabghab said. “Especially when you read the articles of the judgment, it was obviously 100 percent to her favour.”

SBS Australia reported the father of the kids saying outside the court that the two children were well and were being kept out of all this.