Victorian police have charged the mother of 14-month-old toddler Sanaya Sahib with murdering her daughter after she made a full confession of her crime in front of police on April 9, Saturday.

The toddler’s body was found in Darebin Creek in Heidelberg West in Melbourne on Sunday. Sofina Nikat, 22, was arrested at 8:35 a.m. on Tuesday in Mont Albert and faced an out-of-sessions court hearing held at the police station in West Melbourne at 6 p.m. on the same day. The authorities charged her with one count of murder on Tuesday afternoon.

Homicide detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey addressed the bail justice, saying that the Mitcham mother confessed about the murder plot of her toddler daughter. According to 9News, the accused covered her face with a copy of Quran while moving to the court. A CCTV footage has been obtained that showed a woman who pushed a pram with an infant in the creek on Saturday morning. The pram, however, was empty when she returned.

Earlier, the accused told police that she took a walk through Olympic Park on Saturday morning when a man of African origin pushed her to the ground and snatched the toddler from the pram. She added that the man had no shoes and smelled of alcohol. He was also said to have ran away from the park, but the video footage had it all.

The toddler’s father, Sameer Sahib, said that he was left numb after hearing that Nikat killed their daughter. “I haven’t had any sleep and I can’t eat properly,” he told the Herald Sun. He said he joined the search team as soon as he received the call relating to the recovery of his daughter’s dead body.

Sahib said that after remaining out of touch for over six months, Nikat suddenly called him to invite him to see his daughter four days prior to the recovery of his daughter. The parents of the toddler separated almost a year ago and the accused lived with her brother in Perth Street, Heidelberg West, less than two kilometres from where the body of the toddler was recovered.

According to The Age, Nikat made no further application for bail and was put under remand to appear in front of the Melbourne Magistrates Court later.