After last week’s confirmation of a Mulan live action movie, the upcoming film encountered backlash.

The outrage stems from an alleged script leak. Independent reports that the script reveals a “white character given a main part”.

The source further cites a guest post on the Angry Asian Man website. Titled An Open Letter to the Creators of Disney’s Live-Action Film ‘The Legend of Mulan’, the piece reveals the current state of the film’s script and dubs it as problematic.

The guest does not reveal his identity. However, the person shares that he/she is an Asian-American working on the film industry. The individual goes on to share details from the script. We quote them below, via Angry Asian Man:

“The man is a 30-something European trader who initially cares only for the pleasure of women and money. The only reason why he and his entourage decide to help the Chinese Imperial Army is because he sets eyes on Mulan. That’s right. Our white savior has come to the aid of Ancient China due to a classic case of Yellow Fever. In this script written by Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin, more than half of its pages are dedicated to this merchant who develops a mutual attraction with Mulan and fights to protect her in the ensuing battles. To top it all off, this man gets the honor of defeating the primary enemy of China, not Mulan. Way to steal a girl’s thunder.”

Aside from these details, the anonymous individual also shares the film’s casting choice. According to him/her, people behind the movie eyes the casting of an established Chinese actress. The insider sees this as problematic since it could alienate American fans from the story they grew to love.

Mulan Live Action Movie and its promise

Naturally, the post led many to air their frustrations on social media.

However, despite the valid points that the anonymous individual shared on the blog, another source debunked that Mulan won’t be the lead of the film.

An article from Vulture quotes that source as saying, “Mulan is and will always be the lead character in the story, and all primary roles, including the love interest, are Chinese.”

It remains to be seen how this will turn out. Stay tuned for when the Mulan live action movie casting drops.