Muhammad Ali has finally been laid to rest with thousands attending his funeral. However, the greatest legend of boxing has now come under allegations. Claims of a former girlfriend tells the tale of a Muhammad Ali sex tape. She further says that he was involved with different women in his heyday.

The allegations and proof come from a former girlfriend of Muhammad Ali, Barbara Mensah.

The Former Girlfriend

Mensah, now 70, has suddenly come forward with sex tapes, claiming that Ali participated in what she calls ‘gumbo parties’ at that time. The sex tape was filmed in cine films and is now in talks of converting the vintage films into a CD format.

“No one has anything like this. I’d like to get as much as I can for it,” the 70-year-old unabashedly admitted to The Mirror.

She also maintained that Ali was a womanizer who can’t get his hands off pretty girls at that time.

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“There would be Ali and a few of his guys and then about a dozen or more girls. All of them were stunning. Muhammad couldn’t keep away from a pretty girl whether he was married or not,” she shared of the gumbo parties.

Aside from the alleged Muhammad Ali sex tape, she also claims to have a daughter fathered by Muhammad Ali.

The Illegitimate Daughter

With her mother coming forward with claims into Ali’s womanizing past and a scheme to cash out on it, Kiiursti has also stepped out of the shadows to defend her mother.

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A lovechild from a 20-year affair with Ali, she reveals that she has a paternity test from 1988 to prove she is indeed Ali’s kid. Ali regularly visited Kiiursti until she was about five years old but stopped due to his sickness, DailyMail reports.

As for her mother’s schemes and cashing on the alleged Muhammad Ali sex tape upon Ali’s death, “The rest said I just want money. I said, ‘Seriously, you just don’t know what’s going on, do you?” the 35-year old asked.