The Muay Thai boxer who killed a 56-year-old tourist with a single punch has been sentenced to jail for six years in the NSW Supreme Court. The 25-year-old boxer Kaine Geoffrey Jones pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Kaine Geoffrey Jones’s victim was Graeme Wilton. In 2013, Wilton decided to take a stroll when he and his wife decided to stop at a caravan park in Lake Macquarie. At the time, Jones, then 22, also decided to take his car for a test drive in the same neighborhood. Wilton apparently hit the bonnet of this car with his hands.

Jones got out of his car and punched Wilton. Wilton then fell into the ground. His dead body was found the side of a road at Mannering Park. It has been reported that Wilton was on a two-year road trip with his wife, Marlene.

According to Courier Mail, Jones told a friend about the incident. He said:  “(I) just hit a bloke down the road. The guy tried to stop me. I got out of the car. The guy was in my face and I hit him.”

Wilton was brought to the hospital but he died two months later. His wife has been grieving since. She said, “I miss waking up next to him every morning. The life I knew and loved has now completely gone … my life has been halved.”

Justice Harrison said that Jones’s response was unacceptable. His actions have no excuse, he adds. “Mr Jones took it upon himself to respond to Mr Wilton in an unacceptably angry and aggressive manner,” Harrison pointed out. “His actions were literally inexcusable. They are inconsistent with the civilized conduct of any normal society.”

Harrison added that Jones’s mild intellectual disability did not affect his moral liability. Speaking of Wilton, Harrison said,  “Mr Wilton was a vulnerable person with no opportunity to anticipate or prevent what occurred.”

Mrs Wilton said that she would try to move on from the incident. Nothing has changed for her except her husband. “Nothing has changed really for me, my husband’s gone but Mr Jones was responsible for that and now I’ve got to get on with my life,” Wilton said to reporters outside the court.

“It gets easier of course as time goes on but I have my days. It is what it is – I have to accept that.” According to reports, Jones will be eligible for parole on July 17, 2021.

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