Her subtle rejection caught the attention of everyone at the MTV VMA 2016. However, did Rihanna hold back from returning Drake’s kiss because of Chris Brown?

Fans tuned in to watch the MTV VMA 2016 to see their favorite artists. Perhaps, some also hoped for a few surprises from Kanye West since he was present. Thus, the touching sentiment of Drake during his speech for Rihanna’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award was a big bonus. It appeared to be heartfelt especially up to the point when he attempted a kiss on the lips. Despite Rihanna’s block, it was still one of the best moments of the night.

Many hope to see the rapper and the singer hooking up. However, their wishes remain rumors. Yet given Drake’s sweet introduction, could Rihanna be warming up to the idea of getting closer to her Work collaborator. Or is the memory of her failed relationship keeping her from making a commitment? As we know, Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown did not end well.

Yet it would appear her ex has nothing to do with her choice. As it turns out, Rihanna is smarter now when it comes to her relationships. Thus, fans are not likely to see her turn into a mush simply because of a few sweet words. A source revealed the rapper has more to do to get what he wants.

“Drake has to work harder to claim Rihanna in that way, especially if he’s going to do it in front of the world. She would have loved to have sucked face with him, but doesn’t feel she can trust him exclusively. Had she given in to smooching him on the lips, and then see him kiss another woman just a few weeks later, she would have been devastated,” a source told Hollywood Life.

However, fans can rest assured things between Drake and Rihanna are very good now. Thus, the official tag might come eventually. When it does, would it be a proposal at once?

From this angle, did Rihanna return Drake’s kiss at the MTV VMA 2016?

@THEREALTYMULA shared a video clip of the couple backstage.