MTV VMA 2016 surely ended the night with a bang. Fans got epic performances from Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Britney Spears among others. Likewise, we witnessed emotional (and romantic) speeches. Moreover, we saw surprises and moments we’d never forget.

But behind the camera, there are more things which happened. You probably wonder about the audience reaction on Queen Bey’s performance. How did Jimmy Fallon feel as Ryan Lochte?  Or, who brought the best dance moves from the audience?

People Magazine got answers to those questions and reported what they’ve observed during the MTV VMA 2016. Below we round up the six funniest and worst moments from behind-the-camera.

1. Everyone had their eyes set on Beyoncé during her performance.

According to the site, Jaden Smith rushed from backstage to his seat because he must not miss Bey’s performance. Jaden’s remark, “I gotta see Beyoncé!,” was most likely in everyone else’s minds too. Fans who watched the Queen took to Twitter to comment how she “slayed” the MTV VMA 2016 with her Lemonade performance.

2. Jimmy Fallon was nervous before hitting up the stage.

Well, it isn’t because he’s portraying Ryan Lochte. He got super nervous because he was afraid his stunt would leak, People Magazine noted. Jimmy kept telling his friends, “No selfies before I go on stage.”

He did pull it off well don’t you think?

3. Ariana Grande’s bro Frankie brought his dancing shoes.

Taylor Swift might have skipped MTV VMA 2016 but someone brought his own dance moves. People Magazine reported that Frankie Grande “partied in and out of his seat” and even had a “major catwalk” down the aisle.

4. Kanye West and the MTV VMA 2016 crowd.

According to People, it was Yeezy who demanded those in the VIP section to stand up as a welcome to Rihanna’s opening performance. But, during his extended “free time” at the mic, he tried to reference his wife and Taylor’s drama. Well, there were Taylor’s supporters out there who chanted out, “Taylor! Taylor! Taylor!” as he spoke. Others, however, shouted back “Yeezy!” as support for the rapper.

5. The Final Five had “lots of love” from celebrity fans.

Although one was missing, the gymnasts met up with new celebrity pals. Kim Kardashian even had a selfie with them.

6. Drake’s sweet act for Rihanna became the best highlight of the night.

Who wouldn’t feel happy for this moment, right?