Highly acclaimed awards nights are well-known locales for Kanye West’s unforgettable antics. How about this time that MTV VMA 2016 nominated both him and Beyonce for Video of the Year? What would happen if she wins?

He has been campaigning for the diva throughout her musical career. West, along with his wife Kim Kardashian, are friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Now, their friendship will be put to the test as the upcoming event nominated them for the same category. Thus far, MTV listed Adele’s Hello, Beyoncé’s Formation, Drake’s Hotline Bling, Justin Bieber’s Sorry and Kanye West’s Famous.

What if he wins? Will he interrupt himself? That is what Vanity Fair is wondering. However, what if Beyonce wins? Will he protest that he deserved the title?

Moreover, what if the award chooses other artists than both of them? Are we going to see another West surprise speech? This could be exciting to watch.

Remember when West stole Taylor Swift’s microphone? The epic scene happened at the same venue in 2009, where Swift won the Best Female Video category against Beyonce.

Feeling rather disappointed, Yeezy stormed the stage and said that the Single Ladies hitmaker deserved the award. He claimed that the music video for the song must have been the “best music video of all time.”

His surprise speech left everyone with their jaws open. More than Swift, Beyonce was also horrified in her seat.

According to a previous report from Rolling Stone, Swift cried backstage. Soon afterwards, West apologized to her and her fans.

Wait, there’s more! The rapper did not stop there. Who else can recall Yeezus interrupting Beck during last year’s Grammy Awards?

Back, who is known as one of the 90’s rock icons and the one who sang the famous anthem Loser, got the Album of the Year award for his work on Morning Phase. Again, he protested against the decision, claiming that Beyonce should have won.

It must be a good thing that Kanye West did not completely storm the stage. However, he continued his rant a day after the event. As expected, the rapper apologized once again via social media.

MTV VMA 2016 will air live from Madison Square Garden on Sunday, August 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for more details.