The latest Mr Robot Season 2 spoilers hint of a journey into Elliot’s complicated mind and dark thoughts.

Last season, it’s slowly revealed that Christian Slater’s character may just be a figment of Elliot’s imagination, something like Brad Pitt’s character on the Fight Club. In an interview with Variety, Slater teased Mr. Robot Season 2 spoilers as he said that they will explore more about the relationship between Elliot and his character.

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“Mr. Robot is to Elliot what the Hulk is to Bruce Banner. So whenever Elliot is feeling backed into a corner, overwhelmed, scared, unable to take certain actions, Mr. Robot will step in and pull the trigger,” he said.

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The trailer for Mr. Robot Season 2 has been released and in the accompanying interview, showrunner Sam Esmail said that the events of the premiere episode will pick right up after the finale of the pilot. A month has passed since Evil Corp was attacked and the environment was naturally chaotic.

“We kind of press the gas pedal down really hard. We’re taking some risks,” he said.

Rami Malek, for his part, teased Mr. Robot Season 2 spoilers to Hollywood Reporter as he said that they will explore further what’s going on in Elliot’s mind. His approach in future episodes will also be drastically different from the pilot when the journey was all about discovery.

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Now, what Elliot really wants to do is to get rid of Mr. Robot after realizing that he’s just a figment of his own imagination and a reflection of his dead father. Slater, meanwhile, warned that the sophomore season of the award-winning series “will go to some pretty dark places.” Whoever will emerge the winner between Elliot and Mr. Robot is something fans are anticipating.

Watch out for more Mr Robot Season 2 spoilers ahead of its return on USA Network on July 13 at 10 p.m.