Mr. Robot Season 2 did not waste time in pulling audiences in for a mind roller coaster once again. And this time we are on Elliott’s raging head. Full of mind games and mind-bending puzzles, Fight Club has made itself manifest in its part 1 episode.

The episode opens up with a bang as Mr. Robot unflinchingly shoots Elliot in the head. It’s not real. Though viewers are treated to Elliott’s perspective. Thus, it becomes real. As blood drips continuously from the real or imagined gunshot wound, Elliott tries to regain control of his psyche and continues to write in his journal.

If anyone remembers how Fight Club influenced Sam Raimi while making Mr. Robot, it does not get any more Fight Club-esque than this. The movie opens with Tyler Durden shoving the barrel of a gun inside the protagonist’s mouth. The unnamed protagonist at the end of the film wrenches the gun away and shoots himself in an effort to dispel his hallucination which is Tyler Durden.

However, this time in Mr. Robot, it’s Mr. Robot who pulls the trigger. He lets Elliot know that they are one and the same. When Mr. Robot kills, Elliot kills too. Elliot fight through the imagined pain and it subsides for a while.

The gunshot wounds disappear for the meantime but returns when Gideon confronts Elliot again. Meanwhile, the other characters in the Mr. Robot universe are trying to deal with the reality that even after the Evil Corp hack their world has not turned into the utopia they once dreamt it would be, AV Club reports.

Every other character’s realization haunts them. Darlene manipulates the very group she helped. Angela is trying to come into terms that Evil Corp. is simply made up of people trying to survive their everyday lives. Evil Corp CEO Phillip Price is struggling to maintain his company’s image as a powerful hulking organization. Meanwhile, Mr. Robot season 2 treats us to a flashback regarding Tyrell Wellick’s fate and questionable demise. As Elliot goes toward the popcorn stand, he pulls the gun on Tyrell. However, it is not Tyrell’s death that confounds the viewers. It is Gideon’s.

Mr. Robot season 2 has not shied away from its Fight Club references. As the ratings soar, it seems Mr. Robot season 2 is slowly building up to another cataclysmic revolution and this time, it’s not Evil Corp on the opposite side.