Actor Rami Malek has revealed secrets ahead of Mr. Robot season two premiere of the critically-acclaimed drama next week.

Malek admitted that he has been exhausted of the fame he is experiencing now. However, he also confessed that he enjoys being part of a show that was filmed in New York and respected by his peers.

Malek revealed to USA Today that got in a fender-bender in Los Angeles because he hit the car in front of him while looking at his face in an ad. “I don’t think anybody ever gets used to that. Seeing your face on the billboard for the first time is a bit of a shocker,” the actor said.

The Egyptian-American actor along with co-star Christian Slater also revealed to Collider that there will be some changes in the DNA of the upcoming season of “Mr. Robot.”

Heads up! Spoilers from this point forward

Rami said our favorite vigilante hacker, Elliot, will change in the second season. The actor explained that his character and story to be as provocative as it was in season one. However, he teased that there will also take some risks and modification in the second installment of USA Network show.

Malek and Slater refuse to divulge more details about the upcoming season, but Malek hinted that it is going to be “multi-dimensional and extremely layered.”

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“Mr. Robot” showrunner Sam Esmail said Elliot’s internal struggle is just one part of as a “darker” season two. The producer added Elliot will try to keep his distance from hacktivist Fsociety in season two and will retreat to the safety of his mother’s house.

Meanwhile, Malek also revealed that he hates watching himself on screen but he still advised viewers to rewatch season one like what he did. He said the previous season is crucial in order to have a good grip on what is about to happen in upcoming one.

“Mr. Robot” season 2 will debut on July 3 at USA Network. Meanwhile, season 1 is currently available on Blu-ray/DVD.