“Mr. Robot,” the Golden Globe-winning TV drama series about hacking starring Rami Malek, will return with a season 2 this July. What’s more interesting is that it is allowing fans to do some hacking of their own as part of promoting the show.

Endgadget reports that the New York City retailer Story has partnered with the “Mr. Robot” TV series to promote the forthcoming second season of the multiple award-winning show. The retailer has re-arranged its store with “Mr. Robot” themed attractions which include a hacking-inspired game that lets users try their luck with hacking an Evil Corp ATM for cash.

The cash is real and fans or store visitors can take away as much as $50 (about AU$67). But to participate in the hacking game, users will first have to look for clues that are spread around the store. These clues offer codes that allow the users to hack the E-Corp ATM. It’s undoubtedly a fun exercise as people can enjoy a nice interactive experience without having cops showing up at their doorsteps.

Store visitors will also be able to look for clues that reveal Mr. Robot’s (Christian Slater) identity at a Perch Interactive table which includes a Mr. Robot cap, a bunch of CDs, the mask, a keyboard, and other exciting stuff. Also, like most Perch Interactive tables, it will show videos from season 1 of “Mr.Robot.” A photo of the table can be seen here. Fans can also tweet from a vending machine and play an Fsociety arcade game called “Thunderball.” No, it has nothing to do with that James Bond film. Those looking to buy clothes similar to that worn by the actors in the TV series, never fear. Story has partnered with JackThreads to create a limited-edition jacket that looks like the khaki coat worn by Christian Slater’s character in “Mr. Robot.”

And there’s more. The store features artwork from “Mr. Robot” actor and painter Carly Chaikin who plays Darlene, an Fsociety member and programmer who writes malicious codes to help the group take on Evil Corp. The famous Guy Fawkes-like mask is also available to be owned as prints on T-shirts and socks, painted by Chaikin herself. On the other hand, original artwork by British visual artist Shantell Martin is available too.

The trailer for season 2.0 of “Mr. Robot” can be seen below.