Elliot and the rest of fsociety are back for another riveting run of Mr. Robot Season 2. The highly-awaited sophomore outing of the USA Network hacker drama brings back lead stars Rami Malek and Christian Slater.

Following Elliot Alderson (Malek) and fsociety’s successful infiltration of Evil Corp, Mr. Robot creator teases Sam Esmail that season 2 will be very different from its predecessor. He relates Elliot’s journey to that of Luke Skywalker’s, saying that Elliot will go on a journey “to find his place in the world.”

Malek, on the other hand, drops a straightforward hint on Elliot’s state of mind in Mr. Robot Season 2. “He’s pretty psychologically f—ed up when we start,” Malek tells Entertainment Weekly.

Much of what will happen in the second season will focus on what happened three days prior to the Evil Corp hack, which means exploring Elliot’s relationships and the Alderson family history. The show will also present how Elliot deals with his disorder.

A report by The Guardian also reveals the ramifications from what is now being called the Five/Nine hack will haunt fsociety and Elliot. There will be a manhunt for the hackers, and the now government-run Evil Corp is implicitly targeting Elliot.

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For the most part, Esmail is under pressure to create a second season that will be up to par with the first. However, he states that the show will stay true to its track, which is telling Elliot’s story.

“We are telling the Elliot story, we have an end we are building up to, we are sticking to that,” Esmail says. “And even though we have gotten some momentum, we are not going to take the opportunity to linger or exploit it by adding extra seasons.”


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Mr. Robot Season 2 will premiere on July 13 on USA Network. Fans can re-watch the first season of Mr. Robot on USA and Hulu.