Mr. Robot Season 2 is almost here. Its season 2 premiere will air on July 13. But, before that happens, here are 10 things you should know about Mr. Robot Season 2.

1. Season 1 finale was intended to be the first act

While writing the script, Sam Esmail intended it to be a film about hacking rather than a series. But as he progressed, he decided to turn it into the series. Season 1 finale contains the first act of the intended movie.

2. Mr. Robot Season 2 was ordered even before Season 1 aired

After USA Network picked up the series and shot the pilot episode, the network picked up it for a second season even before it aired. Season 2 will also have 2 more episodes.

3. Elliot Alderson, the delusional hacktivist, mistakes his sister for a girlfriend

As he celebrates his Dark Army success, he tries to kiss Darlene who apparently is his sister. He has found a family in Darlene who turns out to be his sister.

4. Mr. Robot is not Elliot’s father

While Elliot’s delusions are his worst enemies, Mr. Robot turns out not to be Elliot’s father but just someone who is currently wearing Elliot’s dead father’s face. While that may just be a product of Elliot’s illusions, season 2 promises to reveal more about Mr. Robot’s beginnings.

5. Tyrell Wellick is alive

Yes, Elliot will be finding him missing in action as Season 2 premieres but with the newest clip, he is shown alive and well. The newest clip showed the moment Elliot and Tyrell together as Elliot was carrying out the plan to undermine ECorp.

6. The showrunners beat the critics and fans with their Fight Club reference

Even before Mr. Robot’s revelation, the show runners give a nod to Sam’s inspiration, Fight Club by featuring a piano cover of the Fight Club song ‘Where is my Mind?’.

7. More Fight Club reference lurk

The central plot has fsociety trying to undermine ECorp’s hold on the consumer credit. Meanwhile, Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club has Tyler Durden and Project Mayhem erase consumer debt by collapsing buildings which store credit information.

8. Some characters may not be real

Rami Malek admits he is not even sure whether some of the characters Elliot interacts with are real.

9. The new world order is not what it seems

As they say, be careful what you wish for. While Darlene celebrates fsociety’s success in season 1, she will struggle to find a foothold in the new one.

10. There will be a Q&A session this Sunday

If you have any questions for Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday and Charly Chaikin, keep a list of that. Don’t forget to go to Facebook on Sunday, July 10 at 7:00PM ET (Monday, July 11, 9:00) and tune into Mr. Robot’s cast Q&A through Facebook Live.