The family of four-year-old Isaiah, the boy who fell into Harambe’s enclosure, is not going to sue Cincinnati Zoo for the accident.

The family’s spokesperson Gail Myers confirmed that the boy is doing fine. The boy’s parents previously stated in social media that the boy had a concussion and scrapes. They also asked well-wishers not to send any monetary gifts to their son instead urged them to donate to the zoo.

CBS News Quoted the family stating, “We continue to praise God for His grace and mercy, and to be thankful to the Cincinnati Zoo for their actions taken to protect our child.”

Harambe, the silverback gorilla was shot down by the zoo, deeming him to be a danger to the boy who accidentally fell into its enclosure. Witnesses recalled that the boy insisted on getting into the enclosure and climbed over a 1-metre barrier before he fell into a moat, reported

An investigation into the killing of the endangered animal is still going on.  People highly criticize the killing and some among the protestors issued an online petition demanding justice for Harambe, the gorilla. The boy’s parents have also become the target of people who were outraged by the death of the gorilla. The boy’s parents stated that they were getting death threats. The mother of the boy, on the other hand, lashed out to the critics via social media.

Meanwhile, the Cincinnati police are investigating whether the boy’s parents should be sued or not regarding the killing of the gorilla.

Initially, it was said that the zoo decided to kill the gorilla as it was dragging the boy across the moat and the zoo authorities deemed it as a danger to him. But, a recent video revealed that the gorilla was not a threat to the boy. Rather, it was protecting him.