“Me Before You” is actress Emilia Clarke’s long awaited romantic comedy. The film has just hit the big screen this week. The critics have already spoken. The initial Me Before You movie reviews are in. Should you reserve tickets for it? Should you really expect the movie to make you cry?

USA Today’s movie critic, Brian Truitt, thinks so. Or, at least, he writes, tears await fans who are “naturally prone to the movie cry — the kind that leaves you in a weepy mess after The Notebook, Love Story.” However, Truitt said, he could not really fault you if the tears don’t come after the credits roll. The movie was “emotionally manipulative and melodramatic.” But the movie’s two leads reportedly offered “nothing that’s bound to leave you wrecked one way or another by the end.”

IGN’s film reviewer, on the other hand, thinks it is one of those movies that “simply exist.” According to critic Josh Lasser, the movie did not really leave too much of an impression. “Some movies feel destined to be forgotten,” he explained. “They are neither good enough nor bad enough to be remembered for a long period … Me Before You is just such a film.”

Lasser also does not seem to think it is the kind of film that would make viewers cry. His Me Before You movie review faulted the film for avoiding “emotional highs and lows … [and only skimming] the surface from beginning to end.” The movie offered “little beyond the most basic of stories featuring two attractive leads.”

Meanwhile, Deadline critic, Pete Hammond, still thinks it might be worth watching. The movie, he said in his review, was “an exceptionally moving and unusual love story.” Hammond also noted how “wildly different” Emilia Clarke’s role in the movie is to her “Game of Thrones” character.