Fresh details about the earlier rumoured modular attachments for the Motorola Moto X and the branding of the device are currently doing the rounds. Tech aficionados who have been keeping an eye out for more details on the upcoming flagship are in for a treat.

Based on the marketing material seen by the folks at VentureBeat, it appears that the Moto X branding has undergone a change, albeit not a major one. Reportedly, the flagship lineup will be dubbed as the Moto Z. As reported earlier, the company is planning on bringing out two 5.5 flagship devices this year: Vertex and Vector Thin. However, now with the rebranding of the upcoming flagship devices, the Vector Thin that is the high-end offering in the lineup, is expected to be called the Moto Z Style. On the other hand, the Vertex will allegedly hold the moniker: Moto Z Play.

Fans may recollect that an earlier leak of what is believed to be the images of the upcoming Motorola smartphone featured 16 pins on the back panel. As noted by Tech Radar, the pins would serve the purpose of allowing the device to employ “swappable backplates.”

It was believed that these modular backplates would be dubbed as “Amps,” but as shared by VentureBeat, the accessory will retail as “MotoMods.” Fans can expect, “pico projector, stereo speakers, and premium camera” as some of the options for the add-ons. It is expected that there would be six different modular attachments for the flagship.

When the LG G4 landed with two varied modular attachments, it didn’t fail to grab the headlines or pike interest amongst users. Lenovo and Motorola are also probably looking forward to these backplates setting the flagship apart in a crowded smartphone market, and bringing that something extra for the users.

Keep checking back for more updates, rumours and speculations about Motorola Moto X lineup, expected to be dubbed as the Moto Z.