Much to the delight of Motorola fans, all the Moto-branded devices coming out from the company this year will possess a fingerprint scanner.

As per report on Tech Sina, Lenovo’s SVP Chen Xudong shared that every Moto-branded handset that will arrive on the tech scene in 2016 will include fingerprint scanner. This can only be good news for Motorola loyalists given that the company so far has steered clear of embedding fingerprint scanners in their devices that surfaced last year.

For those not in the know, the Moto brand now stands for the top-of-the-line devices, while Lenovo Vibe brand is used for products sitting at the lower rung. This also means that no Moto E will be landing on the tech scene given that the Moto brand is now reserved only for the high-end variants.

Along with the addition of the fingerprint scanner, Xudong also announced that the Moto-brand lineup will consist of handsets sporting at least 5-inch displays. As noted by Tech Radar, this may not come as a surprise to many loyalists since even the pocket-friendly Moto G shows-off a 5-inch display.

However, rumors are rife that certain tech giants may be turning to bringing back the 4-inch handsets, with Apple speculated to be launching the iPhone 7 Mini sometime early this year. Fans can be certain that none of the Moto-branded series will consist of devices with less that 5-inch screens.

The report also suggests that a total of 15 smartphones, combining both the brands, will be making their way out of the company this year. In a move that is bound to receive a lot of mixed reactions, the company will be making changes in the UI of the Moto smartphones. It plans to bring together the Vibe UI with the stock Android one found on the latest Motorola devices. How that pans out for the users as well as the company, remains to be seen.