Lemmy Kilmster, front man of legendary British Rock n Roll band Motorhead, passed away at the age of 70, just 2 days after learning that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

The band announced on their Facebook page that Lemmy had figured about this “extremely aggressive cancer” on Boxing Day and he was with family when he died.

The band urged fans of the band to play his songs “LOUD” and to “celebrate life” just like Lemmy did.

“We cannot begin to express our shock and sadness, there aren’t words,” they said.

As posted by Official Motörhead on Monday, 28 December 2015:

There is no easy way to say this…our mighty, noble friend Lemmy passed away today after a short battle with an extremely…

Motorhead have churned out 20 plus albums and have been consistently hitting the right notes for four decades. With more than 250 songs to their name, here are 10 songs that we think are their best ever.

  1. ‘The Game’

Who can forget this classic from Motorhead! Remembered mostly because this was Triple HHH’s entrance song in the WWE, many became instant fans of the band after this song.

  1. ‘Dancing on your Grave’

This song has a melodic tune to it unlike most of Motorhead’s songs, and while it didn’t go well with their faithful following initially, history has proved that ‘Dancing on your Grave’ is a standout favorite in the game changing ‘Another Perfect Day’ LP.

  1. ‘Iron Fist’

The album ‘Iron Fist’ was termed as ‘weak’ by many haters of the band, and they all hinted that with this album, Motorhead would crumble. But, as with this title song of this album, Motorhead simply shut all their critics up.

  1. ‘Motorhead’

This song epitomizes the band’s speed metal tag that the fans loved to hear. Serving as the title song of their first album released in 1977, this song has Motorhead written all over it. Quite literally.

  1. ‘(We are) The Road Crew’

Coming from their hit album ‘Ace of Spades’, this song is a tribute to all the crew members of the road that rock stars used to employ; also which Lemmy had first hand experience of when he was a roadie for the Jimmi Hendrix experience.


  1. ‘Bomber’

Fast and Furious are the best three words that describe this song. The title song from their second album was named ‘Bomber’ because Lemmy was a huge fan of collecting World War II-related memorabilia. Another classic.

  1. ‘Orgasmatron’

The lyrical genius of Lemmy is best explained by this song. He touched upon quite brilliantly how religion’s crimes has affected mankind.

  1. ‘Overkill’

The drums of this song will make you levitate. There’s nothing more to say to say about this classic. Certainly one of the best songs that Motorhead has ever produced from their 1979 album ‘Overkill’.

  1. ‘Killed by Death’

This song was recorded just to put everyone in place and make them understand that when it comes to metal, there is only one ‘Motorhead’. With a guitar solo that will blow your mind, this song is also known for its spectacular music video.


  1. ‘Ace of Spades’

This song is not only meant to be in this list, it is supposed to be in the list of the top 10 metal songs of all time. But as Lemmy will tell you, it’s not metal, it’s Rock n Roll. By far the most popular and certainly the best Motorhead song of all time. Happy listening!

Like the band members said, play his music ‘LOUD’ today. Let him live through his music.

RIP Lemmy, you will be missed.