This Mother’s day, let your mom know how you feel about her even if you’re miles away from your mother.  Take some time out of your hectic life. 

Although we don’t need occasions to show our affection towards these super-women in our lives, these are only means to let them know.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate this special occasion even when you’re away from your mother:

Be the first caller

No matter how busy you are or how far away you are, make sure you’re the first caller of the day with mother’s day wishes. Tell her what she means to you. Let her know. Mothers do not expect anything from us but this can make her entire day. So, do not forget.

Give her a solo spa day  

Mothers are all-in-one. They work hard all the time, so they deserve a day away from this hectic life. Buying her a gift coupon to a spa nearby would definitely lighten up her mood. 

Gift her a coupon at her favourite restaurant for dinner

Although mothers are always the best cook, this one day she should totally be free and have some nice food to end the day with.

Order a cake for her

In this age of the internet, nothing is impossible. You can totally have a cake delivered to her as a surprise, with a lovely message for not there being there.

Skype with her

This will work both ways. Skype with your mom. Let her see you, probably that’s the only thing she wants every day to happen. This will also be a moment for you in this erratic life.

Make a collage of her photos and send it across

This is simple yet wonderful. Take some time out from before hand, search for her favourite photos, make a collage and send it across with a beautiful message. This is sure to bring her tears of joy because we live in the moments. Don’t we?

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You could totally plan a mother-daughter trip together

Get up and get going. All your mother need is you. Plan a trip for you both and just let her know. Maybe, this could be the time she was waiting for. Spend time together and make the best of it.

Write her a letter  

Write a letter and tell her all the reasons for her being your role model. Tell her how proud and blessed you are to have her as your mother. Tell her sorry for the fights and assure her that you will be beside her like she has been all the time. Make her feel needed, and ask for some of that classic Mom wisdom.

Send her CDs or DVDs of her favourite band or TV series

You are surely aware of her playlist, so make the most of it. Send across a CD of her favourite band or a DVD of a TV series which is a must watch for her in between work.This is sure to work.

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Last but not the least, plan a surprise visit to her 

This is surely gonna be the best Mother’s day gift. Nothing is impossible. Make such arrangements, be it work or studies, so that you get to be with her this day. If there’s will, there’s way.