The mother of a 10-year-old girl who was raped and killed says she arranged for her daughter to be sexually assaulted by men before she was murdered. Apparently, she sought the men at work and through the website Plenty of Fish.

Ten-year-old Victoria Martens was found dead and dismembered at their New Mexico home in August. Before her death, her mother, Michelle Martens, sought a man from work and two others online, including the 31-year-old Fabian Gonzales, who is charged of murder.

The 35-year old mother, Gonzales and his cousin Jessica Kelley are all charged in the brutal killing and dismembering of Victoria Martens.

Michelle knew that these men were willing to have sex with children because she saw the signs and  the things they would do. The mother admits that she did not do it for the money. She did it because she enjoyed watching her 10-year-old get sexually assaulted.

Gonzales told the authorities that he had sex with the girl shortly after she died. Gonzales and Kelley had also abused Michelle’s eight-year-old son in the past.

The investigators searched for DNA evidence from the three suspects. They also sought camcorder, smartphones and mini-discs to determine if the girl got videotaped or photographed when she was sexually assaulted. Accordingly, individuals who seek sexual exploitation of children also want to exploit their images for sexual gratification.

As of now, the authorities cannot say how long the sexual assault encounters have been going on. It also remains unclear whether investigators have identified other men involved in the sexual assault of Victoria.

The exact timeline of her death is still unknown but investigators say that in August 23 at 10 PM local time, Michelle watched as the 31-year-old Kelley held Victoria down as Gonzales raped and strangled her. Kelley then stabbed the girl and dismembered her with the help of Gonzales.

Victoria’s remains were set on fire in the bathtub. At 4:30 AM, Martens and Gonzales apparently told their neighbors about Kelley’s attack. The neighbors called the police and the crime scene was subsequently uncovered.

The father of Michelle’s eight-year-old son had no idea of the abuse. He now seeks restraining orders against all the suspects to protect his son if the three get released.