Mothers usually plan fun activities for birthdays of children which involve the same age group. However, a Florida mother decided to celebrate her 8-year-old son’s birthday by hiring a stripper. The video of the party surfaced in YouTube and it sparked outrage.

The 10-second video clip shows the boy sitting on a chair while a stripper danced around him wearing only pink underwear. The footage also shows one child smacking the dancer’s back. Another child threw money at her.  It is unclear whether the mother was present in the party but it was reported that she was the one who hired the stripper.  You can watch the video here.

The mother is in hot water because of the video. According to online sources the video was recorded in Tampa, Florida but other details are not available. The authorities of Tampa said that they were aware of the video but because of the lack of details regarding the date and location they have not acted, as reported by Orlando Sentinel.

The online viewers are already enraged and disgusted. Although the original video has been taken down from You Tube, screen-grabs still exist online. The social media users bombarded the mother with criticism for allowing such vulgar performance on her son’s birthday.

One viewer commented, “The mother should be put in jail and the stripper should be fined… Disgusted.”

Another commenter said, “My only question is, what laws were possibly broken? What was this mother thinking? Why would the stripper even go along with this, especially when it’s being taped? Not too bright.”

According to Inquisitr the questions asked by the commenter is still to be answered. Though it will only come in the future. The footage has been handed over to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office , but no one can say if the mother and the stripper will be charged.

Usually, people believe that the mother of a child is the one who can think what is the best for her child. But instances like this is quite contrary to the belief. Recently, a pro-gun activist mother was shot by her toddler son also in Florida.