A woman from London had given birth to a daughter while broadcasting her labor on Facebook live. The delivery was witnessed by more than 200,000 viewers.

The woman, 35-year-old Sarah-Jayne Ljungström, started to broadcast her labor, which actually happened on December 21, as soon as her water broke while eating pizza at home. The video of the labor, which lasted 24 hours, included contractions and the moment when her daughter, named Eveline, was moving down the birth canal.

The mother of three said that posting the video was natural as she always looks for ways to give advice to other women in situations like this as well as other issues that include feeding the children. She pointed out that other pregnant women should see her Facebook live video. However, she asserts that birth in real life is not like how we see in movies.

Ljungström stated on the website Channel Mum: “I’ve been vlogging about motherhood and my pregnancy this year so it was natural for me to do the same and share my labor. I find being a mum so rewarding but it can be overwhelming and lonely. I was always looking for help and advice especially about the big things like labor and feeding that I was anxious about. Stories from other real mums I could relate to helped me so much.”

Ljungström jokingly added that she would rewatch the whole video if she thinks of having another baby again, adding: “Don’t let me get pregnant again. If I ever say I want another baby I can watch this back.” Ljungström  has given birth to a healthy 3.6 kilogram baby girl. She then posted another video where she was already at home with the baby meet with her dad as well as her two big brothers, six-year-old Freddie and three-year-old Finn Barnaby Bo.