Lisa Gunder lost her son, Oshi Cahders, in an accident over a year ago but has saved several other lives by donating her son’s organs to those who needed it.

Gunder lost her son when he was just seven years old but Oshi’s death has symbolised bravery by saving 16 lives because of his organs. She described her son as a vibrant and creative little man who was eager to learn new things and discover the “most stubborn parts of anyone.” “He was an amazing person and I was so looking forward to seeing the little man turn into a big man,” the ABC quoted her as saying.

According to Victoria’s DonateLife, around 126 Victorians donated their organs in 2015, an addition to the 117 as recorded in the previous year. On the other hand, the recorded organ donation in Australia as a whole has remained low compared to other developed nations. According to an independent review, the nation ranked 22nd as far as organ donation is concerned. DonateLife Victoria State Medical Director Dr. Rohit D’Costa said that the supply was not able to meet the demand. “We need to do more,” he added.

Gunders described the time when she lost her son. She said that he was with his father at a toy stall during an annual hot rod festival that was held at the central Victorian region. He was very much excited to get a calculator but he ran home, crossed the road but a car hit him. “He just ran, he was very impulsive, and he ran at the wrong time and he was hit by a car,” Gunders said.

She visited the Royal Children’s Hospital that time when she came across a plaque on the wall which featured the youngest organ donor of Victoria, Zaidee Turner. She saved seven lives by donating her organs after dying of aneurysm in 2004. Organ donation had never been a topic between Gunders and her son, but surprisingly their name was there on the donor’s list.

“He would have absolutely been 100 per cent sure about giving the gift he did, because he was extremely generous and would have loved the idea of it even being possible to do so,” Gunders said, referring to his son’s kind-heartedness.

Recently, in California, Fox 10 reported that a mother went through the same experience when she left his infant boy with his babysitter. It was then the boy got abused by the sitter’s boyfriend, prompting his death. The parents decided to donate their infant’s organ to an Arizona girl, thereby saving her life.

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