Jeanie Ditty, a 23-year-old mother charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, requested afterlife photos of the child by her side weeks after the toddler’s death. The revelation has been made by the Pennsylvania-based photographer himself.

According to Sunny Jo, the photographer who created the spirit like images of the child beside her mother, Ditty contacted him weeks after her daughter’s death and requested him to create the afterlife photos of her daughter and herself.

The photographer said that he had offered condolences to Ditty on her Facebook page three days after the child’s demise, the ABC News reported.

When Jo asked the mother how the child died, she said that the toddler choked on a banana. She then showed him a photo of her daughter which she wanted to use.

The package known as “One More Time” which costs between US$300 (AU$392) to US$500 (AU$653) was offered by Jo to Ditty for free. The package includes images of a deceased loved one superimposed on another image to make them look like angels.

Jo said that he felt disgusted with what he did when he found that Ditty has been arrested on charges of murder of the child.

“People started sharing the story on Facebook,” he told Daily Mail Online. “I asked myself: ‘How could she do this? I then felt disgusted by what I had done. People started calling me a mockery and I started to lose sleep over what happened.”

He added, “I look like the bad guy, even though initially did it to help out a grieving mother. It blew up in my face.”

The toddler was admitted to hospital in December covered in bruises and life-threatening injuries indicative of child abuse. She died two days later. Ditty and her live-in boyfriend Zachary Keefer, 32, were arrested last week and charged with first-degree murder and negligent child abuse.

Ditty, who is from Spring Lake in North Carolina and also an active soldier at Fort Bragg, would face a death penalty if convicted, the Sun reported.