It was sometime in December of last year that now presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump called for “total and complete shutdown” of the United States’ borders to Muslims.

Trump made the statement in the wake of the San Bernardino, California terrorist attack carried out by a Muslim couple. The attack killed 14 people and seriously injured 22 more.

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Apart from the expected outrage from Trump’s opponents and other sectors, there is one possible consequence of his proposed policy should he triumph in November: will more Muslims convert to Christianity?

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Growing Trend In Europe

This is not a far-fetched idea as there is now a growing trend in Europe of people converting from Islam to Christianity.

In Hamburg, Germany for instance, hundreds of Afghans and Pakistanis are converting to Christianity. This trend is also seen in the Netherlands and Denmark, the Daily Beast reports.

Official statistical data on the overall figure for converts in northern Europe is not available yet, but safe estimates can put the numbers in thousands, according to reports from different media organizations.

However, there are those who view this trend with suspicion, as some see this rise in conversion to be a way to improve their chances of getting asylum.

This similar scenario could occur in the event that Donald Trump prevails over his Democratic opponent, which looks likely to be Hillary Clinton barring last-minute disastrous events.

It can be safely theorized that many Muslims will seek conversions to Christianity in a bid to increase their chances of entering the United States should a Trump administration become a reality next year.

Although how these newly converted Christians will be assessed by the US Immigration is still a vague prospect.

The chances of Donald Trump getting elected in November is becoming more likely, as the latest polls show the race between him and Clinton in a deadlock, according to the latest Real Clear Politics poll average.