After the 60 Minutes crew members’ return to Australia along with Sally Faulkner who failed to recover her children in Lebanon, the father, Ali Elamine, has posted pictures of his smiling children and himself on Facebook.

Faulkner asked help from Nine Network’s 60 Minutes crew members to try to get her children back from her Lebanese ex-husband. The attempt resulted in her and the reputed crew members including reporter Tara Brown and producer Stephen Rice to stay in jail for almost two weeks until the matter got settled legally. It was only last week that 60 Minutes paid for their release and everyone returned to Australia.

Ali Elamine posted his pictures with 5-year-old Lahela and 3-year-old Noah eating at a café in Beirut. The 32-year-old dad dropped the charges on Faulkner in exchange for an amicable divorce and custody rights for the children. The words he uttered following the incident showed the level of concern he had for his kids. “They were the ones who were the muscle on the ground,” Elamine said as quoted by Yahoo News.

“They are the ones who orchestrates most of it. The kids obviously felt the effect of that. Noah still hates being outside, away from me. I think he is a bit scared someone might come and snatch him.”

Faulkner chose her freedom over her kids’ custody rights to unite with her current family where a four-month-old child had been waiting for her in Brisbane. When Elamine was asked by a radio whether he would ever take his children to visit their mum, he gave an affirmative reply. “Maybe down the track, when things cool off, we talk a bit more, maybe, why not?” Australian Women’s Weekly quoted him as saying. “I mean I wouldn’t mind going surfing there.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reported Faulkner uploading some recent photographs with her daughter. She answered a commenter’s curiosity whether she would upload more of them. Faulker said she would be doing it soon.